The Sailor, the Spaceman, the Scientist and the Woodcutter

The sailor sets sail into the storm in search of new shores. The spaceman drifts in space, dreaming of the edge of the universe. The scientist becomes lost in his thoughts as he tries to discover the secrets of the atom. The woodcutter survives.

In this new performance by emerging company, Fort Reasoning, four performers delve into stories of success, failure and human endeavor through theatre, movement and live music. Borrowing from stories well known and telling some anew, the performers reflect upon the dangers of single minded progress and remember the simple wisdom of the woodcutter.

This performance has been made possible thanks to the kind support of Wiltshire Council, the Arc Theatre Trowbridge, Salisbury Arts Centre and TheatreWorks.

Absent Minds

Arena 2008 Kopro in collaboration with
Jutta Koerner and Julia Hornung

“Frenzied and visually arresting, the claustrophobic atmosphere and pungent earthy smells made for a wonderful sensory experience”
LJ Dodd, The Arches, Glasgow

Absent Minds is a site specific work created as a co-production for the Arena Festival ‘08 in Erlangen, Germany.

Set in the basement of a residential building, Fort Reasoning explore isolation and cultivation in an inhospitable environment. The performers struggle to make awkward conversation and battle with the encroaching wild in a habitat filled with household mythology, a record player and a Beethoven LP.

Under Reams

in collaboration with Dani D'Emilia and Paul Harrisom

“a bizarrely engaging piece of contemporary theatre: strange, funny and provoking. Physical / visual theatre with paper...”
Dr Simon Murray

Under Reams started as an exploration into the effect of the suit on the everyday. Driven by an interest in the corporate and what this might be, Fort Reasoning and their collaborators began to subvert the normality of office life, seeing how far they could push order into disorder and discover at which point over efficiency would break rigid structure and cause a descent back into chaos.

The performance sees the company, the workers, finding themselves in a derelict landscape of paper and broken chairs, empty files and snapped pencils; the broken memory of an office. A printer prints a blank sheet and a primal spark is ignited in the minds of the workers as they rediscover their function and try to restore normality to their existence.

Street Wares

Street Wares is a body of active research and performance that engages with urban space and its populous. The project was originally developed in Plymouth in 2006 and toured to Germany in 2007.

Street Wares Fort Reasoning use the architecture of the space and the features of the city to create interventions that would draw attention to what might usually be a transient or unnoticed space. The company used a variety of spaces throughout the city; car park roofs, escalators, lifts, the Hoe, commercial streets and blocks of garages.

Street Wares is an ongoing project utilized by Fort Reasoning to continue to investigate and interact with urban sites, researching audience presence, observation and layered space in both populated and un-populated spaces.

In October 2008, Fort Reasoning presented a paper on the work titled Street Wares: On Hidden Singularities in Multiple Space as part of the Hidden Cities Symposium at Plymouth University.