Fort Reasoning are an emerging theatre company who formed in 2006 while at University together in Devon. The collaboration started as the quartet took to the streets of Plymouth, creating ephemeral moments of performance that intervened with the day to day activity of the city.

From there the Forts ventured into creating work both in and out of the studio. In 2007, just days after graduating, they left the streets of Plymouth and instead took to those of Erlangen in Germany, christening the project Streetwares and performing at Arena Festival. This performance prompted an invitation to create a commissioned work for the follow year's festival, which took the company underground for six glorious weeks of German summer as they created Absent Minds in the basement of the an apartment building.

As a young company Fort Reasoning were lucky enough to be awarded the Dartington Creative Enterprise Award for theatre projects and present a research paper based on their Street Wares at the Hidden Cities Symposium at Plymouth University in October 2008.

Fort Reasoning aim to make accessible contemporary theatre that focuses on the world in which we live, capturing the zeitgeist of current society and offering what they see for reflection and speculation.

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